Non-Commercial Brokerage

The value of non-commercial stations has grown dramatically over the past few years. With commercial consolidation lessening the number of opportunities to acquire FM signals, the value of both Public Radio stations and Religious stations residing on the non-commercial end of the spectrum has soared. In the past three years Patrick Communications has brokered more of these types of transactions than any other media brokerage firm. This track-record gives us the expertise necessary to maximize the return on the sale of the station while making sure it goes to a buyer that the seller feels comfortable with. Often in these types of transactions, the future plans of a buyer are as important as the purchase price. Our client-oriented approach gives sellers the comfort and understanding that we are focused on their goals and maximizing the value of their station in the right transaction.

If you are considering the sale of your non-commercial radio station, we would be happy to have a confidential discussion regarding its value and how we may be of assistance. We are actively working in ongoing arrangements with over a dozen non-commercial broadcasters helping them understand the market and better understand the ramifications of potential acquisitions, trades and divestitures. On the other hand, if your organization is looking to acquire a non-commercial radio station, we always have a number of active listings ranging in market size from Top 25 Markets all the way down to the smaller unrated markets.